Friday, August 10, 2012

Men in Uniform.. Not Always as Sexy as You Think.

So, finally, the lady of LLB finds the time and the inspiration to write her first blog! Shout out to the awesome older sisters of LLB and female readers, a ladies' edition! The original concept was going to be a comparison of the guys you would find in the various states I've lived in, whether it be
a) in the Rockies with the clean-cut wholesome country studs
As I tried to find a good photo representation of a western hottie, I was
dismayed to find that most attractive country singers fail to wear cowboy hats.

b) or in the city of Angels with the not-so-wholesome boys who can't get enough of the clubbing/ party scene nor seem to stay out of trouble, or multiple girls' pants for that matter (with the exception of the members of LLB.. lonely but dignified.)
Here comes trouble. Or drama. Likely both.
c) or last but not least, in the beautiful tropics among the trade winds of the paradise islands with the hot hapa Hawaiian guys who are pretty to look at but appear to lack a whole lot of ambition.
Haha this guy kind of looks like Ryan Makuta (aka Nikki  Chang's bf)
Not that Ryan is unambitious nor pretty ;)
However, to be fair, I have only been single in each of these states for a very limited time, so any assumptions or generalities made on my part would be partially inaccurate because my experience is limited. Therefore, we can delve into my experience with the guys I actually can accurately vouch for... Men in uniform.

1) the good-looking-too good-to-be-true ER (resident) physician...

2) the playful partying playboy paramedic/ fire fighter in training...

3) the man's man serving our fine country in the US Army, Captain Ruggedly Handsome...

4) the strong and silent serving our city, our city's finest..
okay fine I haven't dated a cop YET, but I just NEEDED an excuse to put a
photo of JGL because I have a school girl crush on him after Dark Knight
5) the one-who-does-not-deserve-a-hot-celebrity-rendition-because-he-managed-to-put-his-entire-foot-in-his-mouth-before-even-scoring-a-date
Leave it to Red to keep it simple.

So, in true to Achi-style, this was a roundabout, long and unnecessarily wordy way to introduce what I wanted to share with you. That on more days than not, men in uniform are sexy, smooth, dreamy.. but not always. Here is an amusing little anecdote about how an unnamed man in uniform took TWO weeks to ask an oblivious girl out only to absolutely ruin his chances before even crossing the starting line. Screen shots to follow, you'll probably get the point before I did. Apparently, I am incredibly naive and innocent still at 27. I'd prefer to call it "giving people the benefit of the doubt." 
Below is where the conversation got sticky quick. Keep in mind that before this, nothing was said that could be misconstrued as sexual. It was mainly small talk about day-to-day work stuff. Boring blah blah blaaaaahhhh


I have lost all faith in humanity. Someone please restore it soon.. preferably a JGL look-a-like.. I don't have on my list yet a cop or fireman or seaman.. haha.. seaman.  
Ok, I had to squeeze one more JGL pic.
But to be fair to LLB, I made sure it was kinky and included a hot girl.
I hope this is acceptable after the post of nothing but hot guys.
xoxo Achi 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Choice is Yours

First, I want to start with this article to give a general background of managing the self.

(This also serves to show why Facebook still sucks)

Set the mood: 

When looking at the autonomy of the self, it is also important to understand our power to control our happiness with life. Often times people have bad days and let situations bring them down when really there is much to still be happy about. This is not to say that life is one just big rainbow adventure of bliss or a night at a male strip club for Arjun, but rather that good and bad experiences hold value that can be appreciated. Whether emotions like anger or sadness arise, the collective experiences of life should be what make us happy. So here's my list of why people tend to be unhappy in today's society and what can be done to fix that.

1. Expectations are set too high.
We've read Great Gatsby and how the American dream can taint our perception of reality. We've also read fellow member Nick Lin's Asian American dream and how that explained our perception of reality. More importantly, people must have ambitions in order to be successful in life, and goals are extremely important to wards making progress. However, often times goals are set so specifically that if they are not reached they can be more detrimental than beneficial. There is a fine line between obsession and passion, and this coincides with the expectations that are set in lives. The journey should be appreciated and enjoyed along the way instead of only focusing on the finish line. Similar to masturbation, the focus cannot be only the final act of jizzing but the awesome process of getting there. In short, don't just splurge your load in life, but build up to your goal. Rushing the process always leaves you unsatisfied and feeling guilty.

(Nick Lin caricature) 
2.  People don't enjoy work.
Similar to the previous explanation about appreciating the journey, people should also enjoy the work put in. Instead of being lazy or complaining about work, why not build character and have some discipline? Nothing worth having comes easy as obviously seen by our respective relationship statuses here in LLB. Working harder for something just makes the end result more worthwhile, so grab your sexy pants and enjoy your work!

(What Zach hopes to look like once he leans out)

3. Perspective
Whenever people are unhappy with their lives, they really need to gain a greater perspective on things. This can obviously be hard to do, and we have all been guilty of not taking things into perspective when dealing with our problems. When we do finally take a step back and realize the root of the problem or even how insignificant a seemingly significant problem was, we can get over the rough patches and move on to better things. I obviously understand some situations carry much more gravity such as sickness or death, but there are always different perspectives that can help people see the bright side of obstacles.

4. Facebook (and the likes of its evilness) 
This is pretty much stealing from the above listed article/ link. With Facebook as an example, people tend to look towards others to see what they enjoy and comparatively try to gauge their experiences in order to feel happy. They constantly seek approval from others through likes and comments when really they should just be focusing on themselves and personal satisfaction rather than happiness through appreciation from others. If people truly understood personal satisfaction, they wouldn't need to broadcast success through statuses and pictures in order to gain attention from others. Similar to Paris Hilton and her sex tape, if the sex with her boyfriend at the time was really that great, she wouldn't need the scandal attention and would probably be moaning more in the videos instead of the audio being 98% guy grunts. 

5. Choice
In the end, people should be able to choose to be happy. Enjoy the smaller things in life and appreciate everyday. Even the worst days have some value, and if anything they make the awesome days even more enjoyable. There is always so much to be thankful for, whether you spend the day alone busting your ass doing work, or spend the day kicking it with friends. 

Also, send your best wishes to Arjun and keep him in your prayers for his upcoming trip to Ghana!

PS: We can't let this blog die! more posts!